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The Undead are a terrifying, nightmare race, thought to have come from falling from the ranks of the Ascended. The ruler of these horrible beings is Overlord Incarnate. These Undead beings are the incarnation of pure hate, greed, and war.

Through the ages, the Undead and Ascended have fought, only to prove the Undead's numbers have yet to be found. The undead are born from the sheer malice of Overlord Incarnate, along with the spire on his world. These demons of unlife can not be bargained with, and can not be trusted. The only thing this race knows is death.

"The human race shall feel my wrath, and I will bathe in it's insanity" - Overlord Incarnate


Nightmare race

Fueled by hate

Ruled by Overlord Incarnate

Fallen of the Ascended

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