Sage Jacob


Jacob telling Elendriel his fake story- As a child I grew up happy with my parents learning magic from my father and roaming through the elven trees that were my home. The first 27 years of my life I grew up with no mate but was happy. on my 28th birthday the undead attacked my village.

I took my sword and ran it through and through the undead . I used magic to subdue more of the on holy Demons. I saw the leader of them, Incarnate's. He ran his blade into my parents. I ran at him and anger and he cut me with the tip of the blade which was poisoned. I lay on the ground dying. The ascended knew of my magical potential and turned me into an ascended to save my life.

At 102 I was made a sage. I was happy….for a while. At 126 the undead attacked new aegis and I went to the undead temple and fought incarnate for the first time. A warrior of a race I did not know at the time and later found out he was a sun reaver shot me with a poison arrow that allowed incarnate to curse me with the eye of the undead and put me in a coma. I awoke 2 years later and joined up with my old friend dia who I had made a town with when I was 122.

I heard your voice in my head and the rest you know

Curroption :

Finding out about elen being only kept alive by incarnate he tried to find a way to bring her back. unfortionatly he could not. ? He became a sun reaver because the ascended had nothing for him.

Jacob to elen in a mind connection- "I am going to become a sun reaver...I ask one thing of you....become an undead"


His mother and father's names are unknown

He is married to Elendriel


He has very powerful magical capability. he knows most attack spells and can turn invisable

Elendriel to Jacob after a sparring match-"you are a good warrior…a very good warrior."


Jacob has a voice in his head telling him what to do. it doesn't follow him in being a sun reaver. He has whispers in his head as well that when angered speak in different tounges i angry ways. they attack people that go into Jacob's head if he doesn't approve.

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