After many years, Mugatho discovered a boy next to a fountain underground, a fountain that spurted out gold, sparks with diamond particles. Mugatho took the Boy and gave it to a nearby dwarf and when he turned around the fountain was gone. As the years past, the tribe discovered that the boy had the ability to cast magiks but had the part of the tribe curse where he returns to life once he dies. Mugatho saw the talent in this boy and therefore made him the leader of the dwarfs so the boy, Khaleel took his power and caused the dwarfs to return to the surface. After many years of searching, they came across a legend, a legend that states of a fountain deep within the earth that if a person were to drink from it were to lift any curse whether it be from a powerful witch or from the gods themselves. So Till this day the Dwarfs are searching for this fountain by constantly mining.


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