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Master CheeZy


When the world went to war, all of Dravine's brothers and sisters were killed in the war, along with 3vil. At the time though, nobody knew that Dravine was related at all to the royal family to Elves. After the war, Elves when into chaos. Then Laresi found that Dravine was 3vil's son who was taken by the Arachins. The Arachins forced him to tell them all of the secrets of Elves. Everyone in every race believed that Dravine was killed. Arachins Queen, Emily, made Dravine change his name so no one would remember who he was and he couldn't become king of Elves. They made him come back as CheeZy instead. Laresi found him with the Family Tree of the royal family. “CheeZy”looked exactly like 3vil's long lost son, Dravine. It took Laresi 3 years to find where CheeZy lived. Nobody really took note of where he lived because, at the time, he was just a peasant. CheeZy's family was so poor, that he had to live in an acorn that was hanging from one of the many trees in Elves. When Laresi found him, the way he knew that he was supposed to be king, was that he answered the question only a future elf king could answer. What is Elves goal? Of course we cannot know the answer otherwise everyone would know, and anyone could become king. CheeZy took the throne, and brought order back to Elf Land. To this day, everyone fears that the Arachins will want even more power. Then people started thinking about Sam. The daughter of a human and an arachin. How will she turn out?



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