Auriel archangel of hope by alynaris-d50xv4a



When Emily was a Child she was raised by her Mother Madelyn, an Ascended Sage when Rizzo was Around. Emily Growing up didn't see/know her brother Leo because it was fraud upon That her Mother was Ascended and Her Father was Undead. She grew up in The Ascended Community, so She met a Boy Named Goon. She wasn't fond of him at the start, but He managed to get her to fall inlove with him. When she reached a certain age, her mother spoke to her about a Prophecy and how She is a Lunarian and Her brother is a Sunarian -The Moon and The Sun-. As Emily grew she developed a new Race known as The "Lunarians". Goon and Emily then got Married and then she helped Goon regain strength for the Ascended, and Then she finally once reunited with her brother Leo and Learned about her Father and Everything, but What she didn't know was that OverLord Incarnate would Soon try and Decieve her into turning on the Ascended.


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