Being son of Raja, creates a prince. This prince was named Brunchy. When King Raja was killed for treason, Brunchy was taught by Raja's loyals how to rule his lands. When Brunchy got older, he found love for Waady, princess of Lunarians at the time. After getting married, and Waady becoming Human Queen, Brunchy found out a secret about her. She was half Lunarian, half Ascended. He didn't know what to think of it, so he didn't. Brunchy pretended that nothing happened, and Waady was completely normal. Once Waady found out that Brunchy found her secret, she was so surprised he hadn't done anything. King Brunchy rules the lands well, and doesn't seem to fear very much. Humans have called him "Brave" and "Wise", but some sense a war coming wonder how he will do to fend for his people... Will he succeed? Or will he take the Humans down the path they were recently through?