How do i become staff?

Apply on our website, or talk to the serverboss/owners

Can I have OP?


How do i pick a race?

/heros choose[selected race] then /heros confirm

How do I make (insert object here)

Go to and ask the magical internet wizard.

Can I choose a different race?

Yes, go to our forums on and pay the $5 fee in our shop under the race you wish to become.

What is the best race?

That's completely up to you to decide! They all have different aspects for different gameplay. Each with different abilities.

How do I get to my race spawn?

After you choose your race, you will be taken to a sign to warp you to your race home town.

How do I get promoted in my race?

Hard work, activity, and committment. Your race leader will be responsible for doing this.

What are the rules?

The rules are posted in-game before you leave to your race spawn. They are on walls on display as signs, please read them carefully.

How do I contact staff?

If you have an issue in-game, you can email us at If it is an out of game issue, or an issue with a staffmember, leave a post on our forums

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