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Englanidia was once en-habited by ancient creatures known to be very similar to Humans.
They thought like Humans, and they acted like Humans. Englanidia was found an ancient
ruin, re-built by human builders, so the human race could become as powerful as they
once were. After the city was brought back to be inhabitable, they wanted to learn
more about the creatures who built the city first. Researchers and archaeologists
worked together and found a book about how they lived together. They farmed and
farmed and farmed AND FARMED. They dedicated their lives to plants, and didn't hurt
a single being. These creatures didn't fight back to monsters, instead let them kill
them. When someone died to a monster, there was a huge ceremony to how and to what
killed them. Drawings of statues of the killed people were in the book, but nobody
has ever found one. The Humans later named these creatures Englandies. An Englandie
Priest would never plant with others, all he did was study his bible. The family of
preists was the royal family of Englandies. Nobody knows how, or when they died off,
but some people believe that the Undead had something to do with it...

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