• Bouseherb

    Well in short this will be the bio for my character in this noble role play server.

    I am putting this here so to gain your approval.

    When Cogsnag was born it was know that he would be different for the other Orcs. He was born with tusks, had a red coloration of his skin, and when he could talk he talked with almost perfect grammar. He was smart for his age and spent time alone with his thoughts. As soon as he was old enough he ran away was never seen again for many years. When he came back to the world he was different he wore a top hat, a monocle, a suit, and handcuffs. He also carries a cane and a smoking pipe. Seeing the current state of the Orcs and their warlord(who Cogsnags thinks of as a coward and a ruffian and is not fit to rule) he…

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